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 "...this was the most helpful and enlightening class I have taken..." - Sandy Scarlow

"As I participated in...a class that Ruth facilitated, my mind opened and I was able to write my precious secrets so easily." MS


In a safe and confidential space, Ruth Neubauer, LCSW, facilitates 

The Wisdom of Elderhood, inviting you to explore your inner thoughts,

feelings, and unconscious knowing.

Using impromptu writing, words miraculously emerge which tell our truth.




This is the gift of the "free write". Wisdom directly from the heart

 mysteriously translates what is unspoken into

words we can express - bypassing judgement.


The Wisdom of Elderhood classes offer a pathway

to meaningful honest learning

allowing for experimentation and discovery.

We already have all the tools we need.

There is nothing new to study or learn.


What hidden treasures are there?


All it takes is responding to this invitation and a creative open-ended prompt,

to conjure up what we already know.


Come. Sit at the table.


Ruth Neubauer is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice for over 30 years both in Washington, DC and Denver. She teaches psychology at OLLI-DU utilizing impromptu writing in all her classes. Ruth is a certified Journal to the Self instructor, a longtime experienced facilitator and on the faculty of the Washington School of Psychiatry for many years. She also specializes in working with women’s groups.



In a confidential, small group setting, you will have a rare opportunity to reflect upon your life in a truly meaningful way utilizing impromptu writing as a tool to explore:


                          your life's turning points                           family matters


new directions

life's teachings

and much more...

2020-2021 Class Information:

Due to COVID-19 all classes will be held online through Zoom. 


Call or email Ruth at:

(240) 432-4080



Ruth Neubauer, LCSW

1776 South Jackson St

Denver, CO 80210


Phone: 240-432-4080

email: ruth@elderhoodwisdom.org



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