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...UPLIFTING, ENERGIZING, & INSIGHTFUL. I am “wiser” now - more astute about life...

Ruth’s calm presence and thoughtful inspiring exercises ignited passion.
Can’t get better than that for forward moving intentions.

“I loved the prompts….got many insights out of them that I used to improve my life… Thank you so much!”

“A thought-provoking, creative experience…”

...the discipline of a weekly writing session...served both as an opportunity to reflect on my life and... provided a launching point for significant changes in how I choose to see myself...
Katharine Cauley, PhD, Professor Emerita, Wright State University School of Medicine

If you are seeking connection and encouragement, this is a great way to
explore aspects of yourself.

“Ruth is an inspiring and gentle teacher, a guide to access our inner being through free writing and suggestive prompts. The accepting and non-judgmental ambiance she creates encourages participants to share their stories and to listen respectfully and learn from each other. I’m very glad I participated in this workshop.” S.G. (summer participant)

Great workshop! Each of us needs an opportunity to step back...and
examine our strengths, our vulnerabilities, and what’s important to us as
mature women. Ruth is loving and magical as she provides the self-care
questions we need to answer regarding who we are, what we’ve
accomplished, and how to move forward in our lives positively.

Carol Chervin, Communication Consultant

“Ruth has a gift for creating a safe space for women to come together.  Sharing with other thoughtful, reflective, empathic women is precious.”

“Taking this class was insightful and enjoyable. Ruth creates a supportive atmosphere…”

“Prompts that are illuminating, leading to new thoughts, feelings and insights.”

“….very thoughtfully done…exploring what wisdom has brought to us personally.”

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